Facebook Ad Course

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You will have access to information I have purchased and used to learn how to run facebook ads effectively to take your business off the ground! Link will be sent to of 4-5 videos to watch to learn how to properly run facebook ads. 




1.) Great quality photos! Stay away from mock up photos. No sense or trust or realness for customers. Building trust is key


2.) Know who your audience is! What do they like? What they like to eat? Where do they shop? The goal is to put the product in front of customers who have purchased products like yours or may be interested similar items. 


3.) When running ads test know what your budget is ($5 per day vs $100 per day). The goal is get data back to see what interest draws customers to page. After getting back winning data (purchases, add to cart). You will duplicate the ad and test other factors. 



4.) Short captions the better! Usually people tend to read the first 2 lines and continue scrolling!