Brand Story

I watched my mom struggle with 3 kids & that alone lit a fire within me to want to be great for her. I lost loved ones to gun violence when I was 11 years old. Now being 26 years old & watching my brother pass away in front of my eyes crushed me all over again. So, you see pain is something that we all go through & will forever go through as long as we breathe. That pain turned me into a beast, a humble one. I decided to channel those feelings into something positive, into fabric. 

Humble Beast is the name of my brand. The purpose behind my brand is to create clothing that embraces the pain & struggles you went through that made you who you are. That beast inside you was formed from the obstacles you had to survive and the pain you endured. Pain can do 2 things: make you quit or make you stronger. 

 You can either let your pain break you or build you....... YOU DECIDE.

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